Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Book Review: On The Edge - Gillian Cross

Published by the Penguin Group
First published by Oxford University Press 1984
Copyright © Gillian Cross, 1984
**** - 4 Stars
'"Tug pushed the door as far open as he could. Squatting  down, he peered though the narrow crack and saw what was hanging outside, across the opening. A heavy padlock, snapped shut."
That was when he realised it wasn't all a mistake. He must have been kidnapped by the strange man and woman who'd brought him to this remote Derbyshire cottage. But he couldn't remember how it had happened, and the things the couple were saying just didn't make sense. If only they'd stop playing that endless, deafening brass-band music...'

On The Edge, by Gillian Cross is a brilliant book. I was actually really pleasantly surprised when reading this book at how much I liked the writing and the story. After reading New World, I was sceptical of reading more of Cross' work, despite the fantastic reviews on the back. New World was a real disappointment for me and I was dreading having to read this book next, in all honesty because I was so afraid I wasn't going to like it and I would have wasted my time again. However, this is definitely worth the read!! This book is filled with suspense and had me confused and intrigued right until the very end.
Although this book is classed as a thriller, filled with suspense, you do have to remember that this is a PUFFIN book and so, it is for children. On The Edge is a story about finding yourself, who you are as a person. That is the message you take away and that is hidden cleverly in a brilliantly written story. I usually would not have picked up a book like this to read, I happened to get it along with 20 or so others that I got for $1 a few months back. I also did not think I'd actually end up reading it. However, I'm glad I did.
I definitely recommend this book!! Its brilliantly written and I feel like Gillian Cross needs to be a more well known and celebrated writer.

Thanks again and I'll see you same time next week for a film review!!
Love, Lara xxx

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