As of 28th January 2014, any items that are gifted, sent or given to me at in consideration for a product review, will be marked with an asterix. (*) This will be easier than informing you of any products I have / haven't paid for. On YouTube, any products I review or talk about in videos will be listed in the description bar with an  (*) if I have not bought it myself. On my blog, it will have an (*) next to the product name. I will always give my 100% honest opinion on any product that I feature. Subsequently, if I believe a product is no good, I will tell you why it has disappointed me or my personal problems with the product. I will not be swayed by any personal preference or relationship with any person or company that has sent me the products under review. I will tell you, honestly exactly what I think of the product/s. I think it's really important that readers trust and value my opinion and will therefor judge the products objectively. I am not here to scam you or pull the wool over your eyes, and I believe that honesty it the best policy in these situations.

I am never paid to review products. However, if this should happen to be the case, it will be clearly stated at the top of the page.

If any PR companies would like me to review their products, please email me. (Email can be found on 'Contact...' page)

Thank You,
Lara Pass

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