Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Friends, Fights and Sleepless Nights...

Do you ever have that friend that you fight with all the time and you don't even know why? One minute you're getting on fine and the next minute they're upset with you and you don't know what you've done wrong so then you don't know what to apologise for and it all goes out of control and you wonder how and why you got there. It's annoying isn't it? I have to admit, sometimes I can be like one of those people if I'm going through a rough time but most of the time it seems to be what happens to me. It leaves you feeling isolated and alone because those few people you speak to more than anyone else just refuse to acknowledge you are there and you don't know what to do about it. It affects your sleeping pattern because you are stressed about your friendship that seems to be falling apart around you.
So, what do you do? Do you hang on in there through all the fighting, angst and stress? or do you simply let go and move on?...

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