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Beauty Review:- CoverGirl's Aqua Smooth Foundation!

Hey everyone!
I hope you enjoyed my last post on 'Sunburn'. I know it sounds quite boring but you wouldn't believe how useful it is.

SUPER Scary...
My blog is growing quite quickly which is SUPER scary but I love it. My YouTube Channel is going a lot more slowly but I don't mind. Now that I have editing software, my video's might become more 'watchable'.
Today's post is going to be on a foundation from CoverGirl.

Just to explain quickly...
(Just for the purpose of this post, I did buy this myself, it wasn't gifted to me by any person or PR company and I am not being paid to do this review. If I should be asked to review something or gifted something to review it will have an (*) next to it. If I've been paid to review something, I shall tell you. (All of this has also been explained on my 'PR' page)

How I discovered it...
Okay, so I shall first of all tell you the story of how I got this foundation. I got $100 (NZD) for my birthday and I mainly bought clothes for the summer, since all the clothes I had were for (New Zealand) winter. I realised my skin was getting darker and my BB Cream didn't match my skin tone anymore so decided to get a 'summer foundation'. I went to the local supermarket and I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just something fairly cheap. Anyway, the CoverGirl Aqua Smooth foundation was on offer to I got it. It didn't look very impressive, there wasn't anything too special about it and there didn't seem to be a lot of product. It was an impulse buy. One of the BEST impulse buys EVER!

The Review...
Okay, so I know everything I just said is a little boring and you're waiting for me to get to the point. Well, I think it's amazing.
Packaging wise, this foundation doesn't have much to be desired. It lets the product down a little. Most people would just skim past this foundation because the outside doesn't look too pretty. As I've started to do reviews online, I've realised just how important visual aid is to selling a product. To be honest, if this foundation hadn't been on offer at the time, I would have gone right past it too.
However, the packaging is light, easy to open but secure so there is no worries about product going all over your bag etc.

As you can probably guess, I wasn't best pleased with the applicator. However, this isn't unusual - for anyone! I always find that applicators in any makeup products are a waste of time but I try them out just the same so then I can talk about every part of the product and give my full opinion. I think, if you are on the go and you can't take makeup brushes with you, this applicator will do okay. I just feel it leaves the foundation a little streaky on my face and doesn't apply it evenly.However, this is my personal opinion, so don't be deterred from trying applicators that come with products! You never know - you might like them.

Well, this foundation is amazing. I honestly don't think I've ever found a better one. It is a cream foundation so there is no need to worry about leakage. It applies beautifully to the face, it doesn't feel like you are wearing any foundation at all and - most importantly - doesn't look like it either. It is a matte (or semi-matte) foundation and there is absolutely no need to apply powder. In fact, I feel powder makes it look too heavy. The foundation lasts easily 5 hours on your face without primer, moisturiser, powder etc. to set it. However, if you do use all these extra things, it should last about 10 hours.

I also did a video review on this so check that out:

I hope you enjoyed this guys and I'll see you next week for another 'Let's Talk' post!
Love you all,
Lara x

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