Thursday, 10 July 2014

Book Review: The Other Half of Asperger Syndrome - Maxine C. Aston | Lara Pass

The Other Half of Asperger Syndrome
- Maxine C. Aston
The National Autistic Society
First Published 2001
Maxine Aston has explored the relationships of adults with Asperger Syndrome as part of her academic research, as a qualified couples councellor specializing in this area, and from her own personal relationship experience. She knows what she is writing about. She uses quotations and real life examples to illustrate her points and  has a compassionate understanding of both perspectives. Her insight is extraodinary and her positive attitude and strategies for successful relationships make this an essential guide for couples and counsellors. - Dr. Tony Attwood. 
**** - 4 Stars
This book is brilliant. Although the content of the book is, admittedly, a little grim, it is extremely informative and touches on each aspect of Aspergeres Syndrome just enough.
The delicate way in which this was written is perfect and it is plain to see that Maxine Aston is sympathetic to this particular subject which makes it easier to read, I suppose.
The only reason I gave this four stars and not five is because the language is a little hard to wrap your head around if you are not an 'academic'. I am aware that this is primarily an academic book but it is also an information book for people that are in a relationship with/have relationships with people with Asperger Syndrome and I think in that respect, this book is lacking in identifiable language but otherwise, an amazing read and very informative. If you know someone with Asperges, this will really help you out! 4/5 Stars.

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