Friday, 5 September 2014


Hi everyone!! Today isn't a book review, I'm just writing this to say how sorry I am that I've been M.I.A for the past month or so. As a lot of you will know if you watch my Youtube videos or possibly from this blog, I am currently in Y12 at school and over the past month or so, school has been getting really busy in preparation for exams (that start next week - ahhh!!) and so, I've not been able to upload videos or blog posts in a while. The other issue is that my computer has well and truly died on me and so, I can't upload any videos at the moment because I have no way of editing and uploading them. I promise that as it nears the end of my Finals and my computer gets fixed, my posts will become a lot more regular but for now, I am just managing with whatever time - and resources - I have at my disposal.
I really love blogging, its a lot of fun and I miss being able to do it. Plus the feedback I get back from blogging and making Youtube is always really nice and supportive so I don't want to stop. Its just a case of time at the moment because - obviously - my schooling comes first. No matter how much I love blogging, reading, make up, music, etc., I need to get school done for personal reasons. Although I'm not planning on going to University in the near future, I'd really love to finish school because I would feel like I've achieved something personally.
I hope I will be able to post some more reviews on random things I've been loving in the foreseeable future but until then, I love you all and I'll see you soon! ;)

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