Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Book Review: Laura's Star - Klaus Baumgart

An imprint of Magi Publications
This paperback edition published 2000
First publicated in Great Britain 1998
***** - 5 Stars
I recently acquired more bookcases for my room as my supply of books is ever-growing. While I was sorting through and organizing books, I found one that was given to me as a christmas present about fourteen years ago. Laura's Star.
Laura's Star by Klaus Baumgart is the perfect book for a little girl. A story of 'a lonely girl' who
finds a star that fell to earth, hurt. The star becomes the girl's friend and she no longer felt sad as she knew that whenever   she needed a friend or she felt sad, that little star would always be there in the sky.
If you have kids, they will honestly love this book! It was publish by Little Tiger Press in 2000. If I can find links to this book anywhere, I will put them down below.
5/5 stars for Klaus Baumgart! This book made my childhood all the more magical.

'Laura didn't feel sad any more, for her star was back where it belonged. Each night when she went to bed, she could whisper her secrets into the darkness, knowing that the little star was somewhere out there, listening.' -- Klaus Baumgart. Laura's Star.

Laura's Star - Amazon

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