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Book Review: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair - C.S. Lewis | Lara Pass

The Chronicles Of Narnia:
The Silver Chair - C.S Lewis
Published by - Harper Collins Publishers Ltd 1953
 ***- 3 Stars
Everyone that knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of the Chronicles of Narnia Series by C.S Lewis. However, this is probably my least favourite of the Chronicles. Although a reasonably good story in itself, when it comes to the whole series, I did not think this story delivered as well as the 5 novels preceding it.
This is something I really hate writing because I adore this book series and the whole story collectively but I do have to say; I feel it let the series down a little.
As I said, the story in itself is a good one. Well written, lots of action and adventure in it and lots of the wonderful world of Narnia. However, in relation to the story so far and the book that follows, I don't really think this one fits. It is a beautifully written book - as are all the others - but this story, I (personally) don't feel coincides with the others and I don't feel this is a relevant story to tell in relation to the story of Narnia.
I do however, understand that Lewis had to bring this new character into the story somehow as he is extremely relevant to the last book.  In some ways though, I wish he had just kept Prince Caspian around a little longer as he is a character I rather adore and feel should have stayed in the series longer than he did.
Clive Staples Lewis - Author
I have to say that I love how in every single book in this series, the story has a moral and is extremely heartfelt whilst also being action packed, exciting and magical. It is a great way for kids to learn what is right and wrong and (ideally) what they should and shouldn't do in regards to growing up and becoming more mature. The way Lewis does this means that you are learning all these valuable life lessons without even realising it. Its a subconscious thing and I think its very cleverly done.
I'm sorry C.S. Lewis for not loving this book as much as the others but I am completely head over heals in love with this books series. Its magical, wonderful, heart-breaking, funny and so many other things all at once and that is why it is still a firm favourite among children and adults alike, even after all this time!

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