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Book Review: Peter Pan - J.M. Barrie | Lara Pass

Peter Pan -J.M. Barrie
Published by -
Oxford University Press
***** - 5 Stars
Hi everyone! I'm back again. I wanted to get all the books I have read this month reviewed on my blog before I did my April Wrap Up video on YouTube. One of the first books I read this month was Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. Now, everyone has heard of this story and maybe seen one of the many film adaptations but its surprising how many people have never read the book. Of course, most people now associate Peter Pan with the Disney's 1953 film adaptation, which - while a good film - does not tell the whole story and capture the 'magic' of the story I suppose you could say. (I do feel that the best film adaptation of Peter Pan is the 2003 film adaptation starring Jeremy Sumpter and Jason Isaacs.)

Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan
- 2003 Film Adaptation of
Peter Pan
Anyways, onto the book review... I have had this book for quite some time and have never read it even though Peter Pan is probably my favourite children's story. I didn't really get into reading books just for the fun of it until I turned 13 and got a copy of Twilight (shocking I know) - and, being a young teenager, I just kind of got obsessed with that kind of thing. It seems that most teenage girls have an obsession from the ages of about 13-15 years old. (but you know... it's all part of being a 'teenager'). However, since that phase of my life is now over, I was going through all my old books that I've never read and I found my copy of Peter Pan. Of course, then I got really excited and couldn't wait to read it but I was also kind of nervous about reading it. The 2003 film adaptation is so good, I didn't know whether the original story was going to be. (this is why you should ALWAYS read the book before you watch the film)
However, I was not disappointed AT ALL. It was different, but - of course - it was better. There is very few books that I read and then want to read all over again as soon as I've finished it. Especially children's books. However, reading this made me realise what a classic it is and I felt really stupid for never having read it before now.
Barrie's writing throughout the book is faultless. Is perfect and magical and one of those stories that you can just picture yourself reading to your kids when they're all tucked up in bed. It is a perfect 'bedtime story' and I love it to pieces. It's only now that I really understand why this book is regarded as a 'classic'. It truly is a beautiful, wonderful, magical story and I know I'll keep the book forever because its just... There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how brilliant this book is.
Peter Pan is - as shall forever remain - my favourite kids story and I will cherish it forever.

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