Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Film Review: Easy Virtue - Stephan Elliott

7th November 2008 (UK)
Director: Stephan Elliott
Screenplay: Sheridan Jobbins, Stephan Elliott
*** - 3 Stars
Easy Virtue directed by Stephan Elliott is a comedy set in the 1930's. When the son of a rich family elopes with an American race-car driver, the family do everything in their power to drive her away.
Its hard to know what to make of this film. It was funny in places and well acted but it was a bit... messy in terms of how it was put together. I wasn't quite sure what to think. I found all the characters ghastly and that ruined it for me a little.
Three stars for bewilderment and indecision.
Let me know your thoughts if you watched it.
Lots of love, Lara xx

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