Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Film Review: Into The Woods - Rob Marshall

8th December 2014 (New York)
Director: Rob Marshall
Screenplay:  James Lapine
**** - 4 Stars
Into The Woods directed by Rob Marshall and screenplay by James Lapine, is a movie adaptation of a play by the same name.
Although I cannot compare this to the musical; as I understand it, it comes across in more or less the same way (theatre and film versions).
I do have to warn you now before you go and see this film, you are in for a long haul; the film being three hours long. This was of no concern to me however, as I love musicals and was happy to watch it but by having friends and family members who do not like lengthy films of content singing, I do feel the need to mention both of these things.
Into The Woods is a movie musical following many fairy-tale characters. The first half of the film sees the stories we know - with a twist!! - of the characters getting their happy endings. The second half of the film focuses on what happens after 'happily ever after'.
I have to say, when I was watching this film, it wasn't immediately obvious that it was made by Disney (in the best way possible). This film is a little darker than your average Disney film and it reminded me more of the Brothers Grimm versions (mainly due to cinematography).
There have been a few Disney films which have been like this recently which has been refreshing. Unlike Maleficent, the stories haven't been dramatically altered from the ones we know and love.
I really enjoyed this film.
Let me know what you thought.
Lots of love, Lara xx

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