Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Empty Pockets: New and Selected Short Stories* | Dale Herd

Empty Pockets: New and Selected Short Stories*
Coffee House Press
Release Date: 10th February 2015
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**** - 4 stars
This is such a great book. It's full of well written short stories that make you think about life and the world and view it in a different way. Empty Pockets is a great coffee table book; something you can just have on your coffee table and people can flick through and read any stories they want. The stories are fantastic. There's something about each and every story that has you hooked every time.
Dale Herd puts the world into words in a most brilliant way and I loved reading all of them. The stories in the book spanning 30-40 years and having such diversity and show the world at the time each story was written. It's magical how Herd manages to do that so easily!! I think the most brilliant thing about this book is that all these are short stories. 
If you're someone who can never find the time to read a full book, this is perfect. It gives you the chance to read without committing to a three hundred and something page book. It also means you can just flick through the book and pick and choose which stories to read.
 I highly recommend this book!! 4/5 stars for Dale Herd!!
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 It's released 10th February 2015!!
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